Servogear Sales & Service Hub in Asia

Servogear Sales & Service Hub in Asia

September 2017, We would like to announce the newfound partnership with Servogear, strengthening their presence in Asia with the establishment of a sales & service hub in Singapore.


The service hub will be the foothold of the Servogear-operation in Asia-Pacific including Oceania, Middle-East and Africa-South.


The restructure of our service division enables Servogear to uphold close contact with our customers. The time difference and the distance from Norway is a challenge when time is limited. Our goal is to increase our availability and response, and it is crucial for Servogear to have skilled resources with technical knowledge available worldwide.” said Torleif Stokke, Managing Director in Servogear.


Sinor Marine Technologies PTE.LTD will manage the service hub in close cooperation with Servogear’ service management. Sinor Marine shall on behalf of Servogear act as a service and repair representative in Asia. The operation will be based in Singapore, with resources in China and Singapore.


“We in Sinor Marine Technologies are excited about this opportunity to represent Servogear in the region. This cooperation will enable us to offer our customers integrated packages including the propulsion as well as the automation and navigation solutions. Being renowned for cost effective solutions with high quality, Servogear represents a very important add-on to our product range. With our coverage in Asia, our customers will be able to enjoy a responsive and high quality service for their vessels, regardless of where they operate in the region“ said Frode Klepsvik, Managing Director in Sinor Marine.

Sales and Marketing of Servogear CPP in Asia

In addition to managing the service hub, Sinor Marine will also handle sales and marketing of our products in certain areas.
Sinor Marine Technologies PTE. LTD will cover The Republic of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.
“We are fully convinced that the restructuring described above will be to the benefit of existing and new customers, enabling Servogear to continue to successfully deliver high quality products and services to the high-speed vessel segment” Stokke concludes.