Sinor Marine Technologies Partner Seminar

Sinor Marine Partner Seminar Successfully Completed

On 27 and 28 February 2019 we arranged a two day seminar for our sales partners and our product partners. We had more than 20 participants from China, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Norway. The seminar was divided into two parts. The first day was mainly set aside to update everyone on the latest developments within s-MT and the latest products and services from MT. In particular we had a thorough introduction to and discussion around the latest MT inventions, including COBRAS (Conditional On-line Based Risk Advisory System) and the high-bandwidth LOS maritime communication system C-Link. The second day was fully dedicated to our product partners, namely Matre, Vestdavit, Seaonics, Servogear, Scantrol and STADT. Each gave a thorough update on their products and provided their assessment of the market trends and possibilities as they see them. Following each presentation we had good discussions and exchange of relevant information.

All in all we had two very informative days, enabling us to bridge our sales partners with our service partners in an effective and productive way, and to get a good understanding of the prevailing market conditions and where to focus going forward.   

s-MT continues our effort to become a complete solution provider of vessel control systems, propulsion solutions as well as deck machinery and control systems. Experiencing an increasing number of request for our extended package solutions, we are very much encouraged by the positive sentiment from our partners.

We thank all participants for their invaluable contributions and for making the seminar a success.