About Vestdavit

The Vestdavit Story

Since 1975 Bergen-based Vestdavit has supplied over 1,800 davits and side and stern launch systems. They have proven themselves over more than 30 years use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world.

Vestdavit is a team of committed people with different backgrounds and experience that are all passionate about safe boat handling. Their key focus is on operational effectiveness, safety and the reliability of their equipment.

They offer a lifetime service commitment to their clients, starts from providing their expertise on product development process, and issue a wide training to crew to ensure efficiency and safety of operations.

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Vestdavit team of committed, passionate people with different backgrounds and experience

Vestdavit Products

FRC / MOB Boat Davits

FRC and MOB Boat Davit from Vestdavit a warship and patrol vessel

Understanding the special needs of warships and patrol vessels is at the heart of every FRC and MOB boat davit from Vestdavit.

The challenges you face in the patrol and interception environment requires every davit system to be optimized for safety and efficiency, as well as carefully tailored to your particular needs. This is why navies and coastguards around the world have Vestdavit as their first choice FRC and MOB davit provider.

Vestdavit hydraulic davits are reliable and efficient when you need to deploy raiding, rescue and interception craft in conditions where everyone else have run for shelter. A davit from Vestdavit allows you to launch and recover FRC and MOB boats swiftly, silently and safely. Equally suitable for the largest US aircraft carriers and the fastest and most nimble offshore patrol vessels.

Patrol vessels pose special challenges for all marine equipment. The FRC/MOB davits are designed to be light, compact and resilient. They have a high degree of redundancy, and will keep working, even when parts of the system are out of action. That is why you need to specify Vestdavit davit systems for your high performance vessels.

Unmanned Systems

Modern warships and coastguard cutters need to be flexible. They have to be able to handle multiple types of boats, weapons and containers through one mission bay and on both sides of the vessel. Vestdavit works with integrators and hangar specialists to provide total multi-role capability.

Enhancing capability

Raiding boats, RIBs, AUV sonar systems, USVs, rescue craft – a modern warship or coastguard cutter has to deploy and recover all of these to cover multiple roles. But handling boats is no longer enough. A truly multi-role mission bay deploys the same lifting and carriage systems to load, discharge and move internally a wide range of weapons, ammunition and containers. Vestdavit can configure systems, MissionEase which can lift a wide range of boats and equipment and which are dimensioned to handle standard 20ft teu containers.


A truly multi-role mission bay will enable warships to swap roles quickly and to store and deploy a range of assets on either side of the vessel safely and quickly. Vestdavit’s experience working with door specialists, hangar equipment specialists and system integrators for navies, coastguards and seismic operators to deliver seamless boat and equipment launch and recovery, handling, internal transportation and storage is crucial to effective design and operation of a modern multi-role warship.

Unmanned Systems from Vestdavits modern warship and flexible coastguard cutters

Work Boat Davits

Vestdavit Work Boat Davits with proven reliability for rescue, operational support and maintenance activities

Vestdavit offers specific solutions for the workhorse vessels needed to support maritime operations in all conditions. They understand that reliable operation, efficient use of space and ease of installation are imperatives, whatever the size of vessel using our marine davits. This has made them the first choice boat handling system provider for maritime and offshore support vessel operators around the world.

Vestdavit davits have proven their reliability for rescue, operational support and maintenance activities, when everyone else has run for shelter. A Vestdavit davit allows you to launch and recover boats swiftly, silently and safely.

Work boats pose a special challenge for all marine equipment. Vestdavit develop davits to be efficient, compact, resilient and have a high degree of redundancy so they will keep working even when parts of the system are out of action. That is why operators have been specifying Vestdavit systems for over 30 years the work boats that keep the maritime and offshore industries running.